My green nail
m'I look weird without lens? =(

Subang right now and ELS tomorrow.
It's April, hey Mimi is still beside me.
Like i'm said, we'll pass our exam. See, Mi we can do it.
so please don't said to me something like * British Council next month*
I'm gonna say '' I can't live without you'' haha how less??! >.<

Okay, I got homesick even I just went back to my hometown last weekend.
So, called my dad and he fetch just me back.
He came here alone, from Pahang to Subang and then again Subang to Pahang.
It's 2 and half hours+ 2 and half hours = exhausted
Ohh, thank u so much my dad. You're the best dad! *guitly feeling*

How was my hometown?

Excellent with family.
We're visited our grand-grandmother.
Great with gang.
Oh, again short gather. It's good but just for the first day. No why~
Good with ex-classmate.
Hey, they're become a man. ''Long time no see'' guy

And finally,
I DON'T CARE for gossiper.
* it's could be u but it's couldn't too. So don't think don't guess take your shower and sleep early. The world will be peace forever. I'm glad I can be your topic. How famous I'm? haha* PEACE