* ishh, my panda eyes* T.T

Hang out with my classmate last Friday, we planned to have a dinner after class. No idea for the dinner cause feel like everyday eat the same food. *worse* I hate everyday eat like unhealty, oily, high-calories, maybe dirty foods. I miss my mom cook so much>.< Finally, the Korean's boy decided to go Korea's restaurant..
I love the design in the reataurant, it's feel so Korea~
Wishing wall.

They're discussing about their order.
It's really a nice place to kill the time. I must admit that I'm a naughty and crazy girl, so what? I'm a teenager, I can always act crazy.
Yea, that my lovely. I love this game.

Button's order...
HuiLing's order...

Mimi's order..

and this is my order...

Yaya, it's yummy ^^

Work . Hard

Yea~ Is the time to update my blog..
Guy, how about your weekend? In the last last weekend(9-1-2010) , I visited my friends who work at KLCC. We have a short gahter with my cousin and my chick when.

This is my first time, take the train alone. *feel so scare* so I'm keeping to ask Miss Cherish...
Me : '' Will you going to wait for me at KL Senter? "
Miss Cherish : " Don't worry, I'll"
Me : " Promise? Sure? "
Miss Cherish : " YES!! "

But, finally. She was late almost one hour cause over slept. Come on girl, you know the 1 hour was a disaster. ~.~ It's okay, I know that you're tired cause working.
Everyone seems busy recently. Gosh, their life belong to work.That was a wonderful morning, I planned to have a breakfast with them. But finally was failure, cause for working again >.< * a little bit disappointed*
WWW style his hair before going to work.

Jun walked so fast until I can't follow...

We didn't have to take picture cause they're really busy. In concluding, work is really hard! Take care my friends and good luck ^^

Between ''Hui Ting'' and ''waiting''

Well, I'm start my english lesson for 3 days....

It was a very bad luck for the first and second days, I met a cockroach in my hostel, I wrong my class, I can't connect my internet, I go and back to school alone... and that it's enough me to feel that all like hell. I feel helpless but nobody can help, i feel lonely but nobody can accompany. It's really a bad feeling.

Today is the third day, I guess today is my lucky day. Everything gonna change, i meet 2 Malaysian Chinese girls in my school and we're all 18 years old, just finished our highschool life. It's purely coincidental that we're rent house and go to school on foot. So, I'll have companion from today.

Next, my laptop success to connected internet. Ya... I have my games, msn, blogger, facebook,etc.. Is this enough to say I'm so lucky today?

About classmate, they're so cute and friendly. In my class is only have 4 girls, all of them are boy. It's just only have 4 Malaysian Chinese in my class, 2 girls and 2 boys. Anyway, i think that is a good situation for us to improve our english.

'' Hi, my name is Hui Ting and i'm Malaysian''. This is my simple introduce in my class.
'' So, you have an english name and what i want to call you?'' teacher asked.
Ya, you can call me Hui Ting. '' What waiting?'' a guy said.
* and the same time they're laugh* Oh god, how cute? between Hui Ting and waiting...



今年生日確實很平淡... 低調其實也沒什麽不好,只是感覺寂寞了點。

信息的祝福很多 電話的祝福很多 facebook的祝福也很多,幸福爆燈了 只是少了蠟燭和一群的哥兒們而已.. 沒什麽嘛~

第一位要說的當然是第一個送我生日禮物的人(Loke Kit).. 謝謝你 還有對不起。禮物真的不是普通的美,是很美 非常美 美慘了.. 它完美到我簡直不敢相信這是你的傑作 *感動* 意義超級重大 , 我把它視爲寶貝級的禮物。 呵,或許真的有緣無份 我還來不及珍惜 就被我弄了.. *心痛* 我才擁有了幾了小時耶.. 不可否認 我真的夠白癡的 >.<

接下來就是你啦..(WWW) 就是喜歡它淡淡的粉紅~ 謝謝你^^ 送我個怎麽摔都不破的禮物..

當然少不了我可愛的堂妹們.. 我喜歡卡片,沒爲什麽 就因爲卡片最真實,最感動~ 你們真的好可愛,能想象嗎? 他們竟然把卡片放進被我家荒廢了的信箱... 我的天兒呀,根本沒人會去開呀。結果我沒准時拿到卡,不過沒關係~ 我已經感受到你們的心意了 好強烈^^


Lao Bi, 就你最可愛了。 還是第一次收到8嵗小朋友的祝福~ 愛你噢

當然你們的信息我都收到了,謝謝... 你們打工辛苦了 ^^

1. Rachel *呵呵,竟然被你奪得第一 謝謝
2. Rain *我說雨天呀,爲什麽講騙話?
3. Loke Kit *我說傑兒呀, 千萬別告訴別人電話内容呀
3. G lin * 放心啦, 你沒有輸, 100% 好朋友 勾手指噢
4. Appolo * 哈哈,沒想到你是前4強.. 謝謝^^
5. Star Yen * 謝謝你
6.Stanley * 最多種的語言, 要我怎麽感謝好呢?
7. Miss Cherish * 美人阿, 做工回家要小心
8. Sam * 你絕對是個好男人
9. Moon * thank you
10.John_john *翰翰 你光頭的時候我會想念你的金髮
11. Jian * 恩, 真的好久沒有和你好好的聊天 想當年我們情誼 深不可測
12. PeiJun * 最愛你了 ^^
13. Qiqi * 最喜歡你的信息,因爲最真
14. 克克 *好詩情畫意的祝福,但我喜歡
15. Miko * 謝謝你還記得 雖然只有短短的4個字 足夠了
16. 珊珊 * 哈哈 同一句話 謝謝你還記得 5個字 足夠了
17. Fu Wei * 不好意思,哈啦那麽久害你電話沒錢 >.<
18. 阿雄 * 謝謝你 你説話很斯文
19. Lai * 謝謝你 睡醒就打來
20. Suk Yen * 謝謝你
21. WWW * 知道你們工作很累 要照顧自己噢
22. 表表 * 表表~